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GBC Return Policy and RMA (Return merchandise authorization) Procedure

In order to improve the services offered to you, the merchandise shall be returned to GBC in compliance with the relevant Warranty Policy or, as the case may be, the GBC Warranty Assurance Policy, the RMA procedure and by meeting the conditions in our RMA application form.

List of RMA reasons:
1. merchandise with faults;
2. merchandise that was erroneously billed by the seller;
3. merchandise that was erroneously delivered by the seller;
4. merchandise bought online (remote contract) by a natural person.

General Considerations:

1. The products assembled upon request and the ones brought in stock based on a firm special order and prepayment cannot be returned. Advances paid for such orders are non-reimbursable.
2. Returning for cancellation the merchandise standing for an external special order is not accepted. External orders are considered dedicated, and involve your final acceptance of the merchandise and its performance, except for points 1 and 2 in the List of RMA reasons. Advances paid for external orders are non-reimbursable.
3. Returning products with accounts/active passwords/set by the client shall not be accepted.
4. Products ordered and picked up from the working point may not be returned according to O.U.G 34 of 2014. SUCH PRODUCTS SHOULD BE TESTED AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE/ACCEPTANCE. Buyers that request to return products under contracts executed at the working point, do not have the right to withdraw from the contract according to the dispositions of O.U.G. 34 of 2014.
5. For any return procedure, it is required to fully preserve the packaging, documents and accessories accompanying the product.
6. Returning a product without packaging or without other accessories of packaging (for example, safety brackets / cardboard or polystyrene protection) or of the product shall result in a reduction in value of the products. Such reduction amounts to between 10%-90% of the initial value of the product, as mentioned below. Given that the value of reduction of consideration for products such as accumulators, batteries, chargers, printer cartridges, protection foils and other such cannot be accurately established, these may be returned only if sealed.
7. As regards the products for which GBC is not a service center, you will be directed to the closest service center authorized by the manufacturer. Such center authorized by the manufacturer shall take over the entire responsibility for resolving the warranty. In such a case, transport expenses shall be borne by the client. You can read more about the GBC Warranty Assurance Policy by visiting this link.
8. Our request is that you check the physical integrity of parcels when you receive them, in the courier’s presence, and you ask for a damage identification protocol to be drawn up, should the products show any signs of damage, or in case of missing accessories or accompanying documents. Any subsequent complaint shall NOT be considered.
9. We reserve the right to refuse to accept the return in case of some abuses, such as recurrent returns.
10. The return related sum shall be reimbursed in a valid bank account (in lei) open in the invoice holder’s name, within at most 14 (fourteen) calendar days since the return acceptance date, respectively, from receiving and subsequently checking the products sold. Returns by fast courier services or by mail shall not be reimbursed.
11. Legal persons do not have the same rights as the ones provided for natural persons by the Law no. 449 /2003 and O.U.G. no. 34/2014. We reserve the right not to meet the return requests submitted by legal persons.

General Conditions:

1. Only a natural person Consumer has the legal right to withdraw from the Contract, respectively, to return a Product or to cancel a Service, within 14 (fourteen) calendar days, without invoking any reason and without bearing further costs.
2. Pursuant to OUG no. 34/2014, for contracts executed remotely, the period for returning a Product or for cancellation of a Service expires within 14 days calculated starting from:
            • the day on which the natural person Consumer takes physical possession of the last Product, if there is a single order for multiple products, to be delivered separately;
            • the day on which the natural person Consumer takes physical possession of the last Product or the last part, in case of delivery of a product consisting of several batches or parts, which are delivered separately.
In order to enjoy such right, the product should be returned by the expiry of the 14 day-term, as calculated above.
3. As regards remote sales, given that the natural person Consumer does not have the possibility to see the goods before the execution of the contract, has the right to withdraw. The natural person Consumer is allowed to test and check the goods bought, to the extent such a thing is necessary in order to establish the nature, characteristics and mode of operation of the goods. In order to establish the nature, characteristics and mode of operation of the goods, the natural person Consumer should handle and inspect them in the same manner in which he/she would be allowed in a physical, real store. Electronic products should be tested only by starting and shutting them down, but NOT by using them for the purpose they were manufactured for. Therefore, during the testing and checking period, respectively for at most 14 days, as provided above, the natural person Consumer should handle and inspect the goods with the required care and in strict compliance with the provisions of this document.
4. It is not allowed to return, for whatever reason, the products showing physical changes, blows, chips, scratches, stains, shocks and other such, without first restoring them.
5. Both the natural person Consumer and the legal person Buyer are responsible for a reduction in the value of goods resulting from other handling than the one required for determining the nature, qualities and operation of goods.

Handling allowed for determining the nature, quality and operation of goods is:

            • unpacking them without destroying the original packaging, following the unpacking instructions (where instructed by the manufacturer) without damaging the packaging, product or accessories;
            • visual, tactile and olfactory inspection of products, while the other provisions mentioned in this document are not breached;
            • for products that do not require assembling consumable accessories or connection to other utilities than electricity, supplying them only with electricity and starting/shutting them down are allowed;
            • for products that require assembling consumable accessories (for example, filters, refill cartridges, toner, etc.) or connection to other utilities than electricity (for example, water, methane gas, compressed air, etc.) supplying them only with electricity and starting/shutting them down are allowed, but assembling consumable accessories and connecting them to other utilities are NOT allowed.

If a return is requested after the goods were used to an extent exceeding the limit required for establishing the nature, characteristics and mode of operation of goods, any buyer is liable for the potential reduction in value of the goods.

Unaccepted actions that result in a reduction in value of the returned product or in losing the right to withdraw:
             • using electronic devices in any other manner than testing by starting/shutting down the device;
             • breaking seals and labels;
             • breaking or damaging original packaging (original packaging is a constitutive part of a product);
             • losing the accompanying documents;
             • scratching, soiling, staining, impregnating products with external substances;
             • unsealing consumable accessories (for example, ink cartridges, toner, etc.);
             • unsealing or installing software licenses.

Accessories (manuals of use or other accompanying documents, CDs, cables, etc.) contained in the product box and its original packaging are a constitutive part of the product. Therefore, when you return a product, you have the obligation to return it in the original packaging, preserved undamaged, protected by wrapping in plastic stretch foil or packed in a cardboard box (without labels affixed to it, without cuts, breaks, etc.) and together with all its accessories.

The buyer is responsible for the reduction in value of goods, resulting from handling the goods, apart from the handling required for determining the nature, characteristics and operation of goods. Should the product be returned in a damaged or incomplete original packaging, showing signs of wear, scratches, blows, electric shocks, missing accessories, missing warranty certificates, the buyer is responsible for the reduction in value of goods. Before returning the product, we request you to protect the original packaging by plastic stretch foil or a cardboard box. Do not cut the original packaging, and do NOT affix labels or Scotch tape to it.

The value of used products, showing signs of wear (stains, scratches, bends, cracks, blows, etc.) or with missing accessories decreases in proportion to the costs involved in restoring them, and their return is accepted only after restoring them. Restoring them involves costs of hygienization, cosmetization, repair, replacement of potential damaged parts and bringing them in a commercial state, in view of marketing them as a Reconditioned/ Resealed products.

Their final value is established based on the value of the parts that have to be replaced and of the reconditioning labor, or as the difference between the initial value of the new product and the resale value of the used product as a Reconditioned / Resealed product.

The value of products with damaged original packaging (creased, broken, cut, pierced, wet cardboard, showing signs of labels, adhesive tape, pen, marker, or other such) is reduced by the restoration value. The value of products with missing or incomplete original packaging (for example, safety brackets, cardboard or polystyrene protection elements or other such) is reduced based on the restoration value.

Any alteration of the condition of products or deterioration of their original packaging, which makes impossible to resale the product as new, results automatically in charging some fees for restoring the products in the condition they were delivered in. Such reduction amounts to between 10%-90% of the initial value of the product.

The reduction fee shall be communicated to the client after receiving the altered products and assessing their condition.

The products returned for whatever reason should:
               • be accompanied by the warranty certificate in the original, if issued by the manufacturer/distributor, except for warranty certificates issued in an electronic format.
               • returned together with potential bonuses/gifts accompanying them; otherwise, their value shall be deducted from the returned product value.
               • only one product should be unsealed, if several products of the same kind were bought and all of them are intended for return. Returning the other products is accepted only if they are sealed.

6. The costs of related services, already performed by the time of delivery and of payment of the order, respectively, the delivery, reimbursement costs, costs of bank fees and online payment shall be borne by the client, and the consideration for the product shall be reimbursed within at most 14 (fourteen) days since the date we are informed of your decision to withdraw from the contract, but not before the date of acceptance and inspection of goods.


RMA Procedure:

Upon returning, for whatever reason, the products bought from GBC, please follow the procedure below. The RMA Procedure is different in terms of purpose and functionality from the Warranty Provision Policy 

» Step 1 Any return of products shall recorded in advance with the GBC offices from Romania or Europe requesting an RMA (Return merchandise authorization) number. The RMA number may be obtained exclusively by sending an email together with the completed RMA form to info@gbc.ro or to fax 021 667 26 41.
The RMA application form is available for download at this link. The RMA application form contains mandatory fields. If such fields are not completed, or are incorrectly completed, the time of response to your request shall be longer. Please make sure that you submitted all the information required, so that to allow us sending our answer as soon as possible. The answer to applications for an RMA number is given within at most 5 working days.

» Step 2After receiving the acceptance (RMA No.), the products shall be returned to the supplier, marked visibly with the RMA no. The products the supplier considers ineligible based on the RMA requirements shall be returned to the buyer. It is MANDATORY that all the parcels are accompanied by an RMA number. The RMA number should be VISIBLY noted on the returning parcel, given that the return identification is to be performed based on such number. The parcels without an RMA number shall be returned to the client with the mention of the return reason – “missing RMA number”.


General Mentions:

1. Products may be returned and transported by any courier company chosen by the client, following the steps aforementioned; in such a case, the return expenses shall be borne by the client.
               • GBC provides free two-way transport for the natural person consumer, pursuant to the legislation in force, subject to a grounded request for warranty or return.
               • Legal persons are not provided free transport.

2. For transport, it is recommended to pack the product in the original packaging, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The packaging should protect the content, so that it may not be damaged due to pressure or successive handling; such packaging may consist, if applicable, of cardboard boxes, plywood, wood, polystyrene filled plastic.

3. Products shall be returned in the original packaging with all the accessories, intact labels, accompanying documents and a copy of the Purchase Invoice. Returning a product without its packaging, or without packaging accessories (for example, safety brackets, cardboard or polystyrene protection elements and other such) and/or product accessories, inclusively the accompanying documents shall result in the reduction in value of products, according to the provisions above. A reduction amounts to between 10%-90% of the initial value of the product.

4. The legal person buyer shall proceed to the acceptance of products upon their delivery, in the presence of GBC delegates, or within at most 24 hours since delivery, if shipped by courier. Any nonconformity regarding quantities delivered, missing accompanying documents or accessories, or the condition of the Goods accepted should be accompanied by an identification protocol signed in the presence of GBC delegates or of the courier. Any nonconformity regarding the accuracy of billing and delivering the products shall not be accepted after this term.

5. Complaints regarding latent faults shall be accepted within at most 7 days since the delivery date.

6. As regards complaints regarding erroneous billing or delivery by GBC EXIM SRL, such complaints shall be considered only if:
               • are submitted within the term agreed in the RMA public procedure of 7 days since the delivery date;
               • the merchandise is presented for cancellation/replacement in the original packaging, with all the original accessories according to the provisions mentioned in this document;
               • the equipment or machinery was not used, and does not show any signs of wear according to the above.

last revision: 2020, March 12