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Declaration of conformity

We, GBC EXIM SRL, declare on our own responsibility that our products meet the requirements regarding the protection of life, occupational health and safety and environmental protection, according to GD 1022/2002 and GD 457/2003. Further, we declare that we distribute electric and electronic equipment, in compliance with the requirements of the European regulations 72/23/CEE and 93/68/CEE and the provisions of GD 992/2005 with regard to limiting the use of hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment.



GBC is recorded in the National Register of EEE Manufacturers, Registration no.: RO-2017-03-EEE-1375-III.


Policy regarding the processing of confidential data

GBC is a personal data controller recorded with ANSPDCP under number 11551, implementing the European practices in such matters. Please also consult our Confidentiality Policy.


Quality certifications

GBC is organized in compliance with the quality integrated management policies ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as with the information security policies ISO 27001. GBC is a full member of Avixa, and our employees are trained and certified by the manufacturers we represent. Certificates are available at the address www.gbc.ro

The General Business Conditions of GBC, inclusively the Return Policy are available to the general public on the website www.gbc.ro



The warranty conditions are according to the provisions of the Law no. 449/2003, GO no. 21/1992 and the Law no. 296/2004 regarding the Consumption Code, as subsequently amended. The warranty is granted according to the Romanian laws in force as of the purchase date. The rights granted by law to the consumer are not prejudiced by the warranty granted.


The consumer’s rights

Consumer (Law no. 449/2003): any natural person or group of natural persons established in associations that, under contracts, are subject to this law, act for purposes outside their trade, industrial, production, handicraft or liberal activity;

The main consumer’s rights are:

  • - to request the seller to make the product conform, free of charge, by repairing or replacing it (should repairing not be a feasible option);
  • - to have the price accordingly reduced, or to have the contract regarding the product purchased cancelled, if:
  •       - the relevant product is neither repaired, nor replaced;
  •       - the seller fails to repair it during a reasonable period of time;
  • - other rights set forth by the law.

The consumer is not entitled to request the cancellation of the contract, if the non-conformity is minor.



According to HG 448/2005 regarding electric and electronic equipment waste (DEEE), consumers have the obligation not do discharge DEEE as unsorted municipal waste and to collect selectively such DEEE. The symbol indicating that the electric and electronic equipment is subject to separate collection is a wheeled bin, crossed out by two lines in an X shape.


What products have warranty?

All the Products sold by GBC, except for Resealed Products, enjoy warranty conditions, according to the legislation in force and the manufacturers’ trade policies. Products are new (except for Resealed Products), in original packaging and come from sources authorized by every separate manufacturer.

As regards Products sold and delivered by GBC, the warranty certificates:

  • - are either issued directly by the manufacturer, should the latter has a national service network;
  • - or issued by GBC, as an authorized service center, or authorized collection point for the manufacturer.

Should your Product be accompanied also by a Warranty Certificate issued by the Manufacturer/Importer, the warranty conditions mentioned in it shall prevail over the conditions in this warranty certificate, inclusively the mode of granting the warranty.

The warranty period elapses from the purchase date mentioned in the invoice and/or the warranty certificate.

The warranty is valid exclusively in the operating conditions stated by the Product’s manufacturer and communicated in the installation, operation and maintenance manuals

The seller does not assume any obligation should the customer lose the instructions manual.

The warranty is not transferrable to third parties.


Conditions for granting the warranty

The customer has the obligation to check the conformity or proper operation of the Products at the time of purchase, should the products not have been ordered online, and within 14 days, if the products were purchased by online order.

The warranty is granted upon the presentation of the product together with the warranty certificate and the fiscal invoice attesting its purchase.

Should a piece of equipment or some part be replaced, the new part becomes the owner’s property, while the defective part becomes the seller’s property.

The seller has the same obligations regarding the replaced product as regarding the initially sold product.

The products replacing defective products during the warranty term shall be granted a new warranty term, elapsing from the date of product replacement. The warranty term elapses from the date when the relevant product is in the customer’s possession.


Limitations of warranty:

  • - The warranty does not cover the defective pixels whose number is in the international quality standard ISO 13406-2 class II
  • - The warranty does not cover the data stored as regards the Products allowing this, including and not being limited to the equipment settings and customization. Data integrity is not ensured in the warranty conditions: losing the data following the service intervention, or following some defects in the storage mediums may not be imputed to the seller
  • - The warranty does not cover consumables or accessories of whatever nature, except when the law expressly stipulates it. Consumables and accessories are warranted against non-conformity and hidden faults
  • - Software products, deliverable on a physical or virtual medium.


Loss (cancellation) of a Product’s warranty:

The warranty shall not be due, if the seller proves that the fault occurred because of the improper manner in which the buyer used or kept the product. The buyer’s behavior is assessed also by considering the written instructions received from the seller, including, but without being limited to, according to law:

  • - faults caused by transportation, handling, storage, installation, use and keeping the equipment in inappropriate conditions;
  • - thermal, mechanical, plastic damages to the products, caused by fires, accidents or negligent use, existence of tracks of contact with liquid or other substances, oxidation tracks caused by using the product in steamy or excessively humid places, excessive dust, tracks of burns, cracks, breakage, electronic equipment/ subassemblies and any other type of product formed of bent, damaged, broken parts or parts with interrupted electronic circuits: pins of base board, processor, storage units, data/audio/video connectors that are bent, broken, burned, etc;
  • - interventions on products by persons not authorized by the seller, supplier, importer or manufacturer;
  • - missing or damaged seals or marking of the manufacturer or seller on the products; missing or damaged manufacture series; unsealing the equipment or components sealed by the seller, supplier, importer, manufacturer or the authorized service entity;
  • - missing/lost warranty certificate or purchase deed;
  • - the product was not used according to the instructions described in the manual of use or for the purpose it was designed for;
  • - the product was not used with original accessories or consumables;
  • - change or supplementation of the data in the warranty certificate; any change made should be accompanied by the signature and stamp of the authorized service entity;
  • - the incorrect installation of the product results in the loss of warranty, except when the product installation is part of the product sale contract and the product was installed by GBC;
  • - following excessive use, other than the manufacturer’s specifications (for example: maximum number of hours of continuous operation, etc.);
  • - faults generated by voltage fluctuations/peaks, missing earthing, use or exposure to improper environmental conditions (improper electricity supply, excessive humidity, etc.);
  • - products were intentionally or negligently damaged, were altered or used for other purposes than the ones they were designed for
  • - other situations governed by the laws in force


Unjustified requests for warranty

In the event of an unjustified request for warranty, we reserve the right to request payment of the diagnosis and storage services. Current rates are public on the website helpdesk.gbc.ro

Until payment of the expenses that are required and useful, incurred upon the remedy and storage of the relevant Product, the Product may be retained at the GBC office, pursuant to art. 2495, Civil Code.


What can I do in the event of an incident during warranty?

All technical incidents, inclusively the ones related to warranty are processed through the platform helpdesk.gbc.ro. Please, access this platform and follow the steps mentioned, making sure that you have all the required documents available. Should you need support for completing the form available at the address helpdesk.gbc.ro, please send an email to suport@gbc.ro or call +4 021.667.26.41, the Service Department (both actions may delay the processing of your request, given that our operators may be busy with other incidents).

  • • As regards the products the GBC is not a service center for, you will be directed to the closest service center authorized by the manufacturer. Such center authorized by the manufacturer shall take over the entire responsibility for settling the warranty.
  • • As regards the products GBC provides service for while they are in warranty, you will receive at the email address mentioned, detailed instructions for opening a case during the warranty period.
  • • As regards Resealed Products, the warranty may cover a different period than the warranty period for the same new, sealed Product. The warranty period is mentioned in the warranty period for every separate resealed Product, but not less than 1 (one) year from the product delivery date.


Transportation of Products

The products for which warranty is requested should reach in good conditions the service entity office, following the receipt by our operators of a confirmation of the request submitted by helpdesk.gbc.ro and of the ticket number. The ticket number should be marked on the exterior of parcels.

GBC provides free delivery-return transportation for the consumer, according to the legislation in force, unless the warranty is requested injudiciously. Legal entities are not entitled to free transport.


Packaging method:

You are recommended to pack the product in the original packaging according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

It is MANDATORY to mark the parcels with the ticket number assigned through the platform helpdesk.gbc.ro and communicated by our operator.

The parcels sent without having the ticket number marked shall be refused upon receipt and returned at the sender’s expense. The sender is liable for the accuracy of data recorded in the transport document (AWB), as well as for the correct packaging and labeling of parcels.

Parcels sent by the sender should be packed so as to protect the product against factors that may result in its damage during the entire duration of transport (the use of safety elements is recommended, such as: polyester, cardboard, bubble wrap, etc.) Further, it is recommended to pack the parcel so that to meet the weight, shape and nature of its contents, as well as the mode and duration of transportation. The packaging should protect the contents, so that may not be damaged by pressure or successive handling; it may be made of, as the case may be, cardboard boxes, plywood, wood, plastic filled with polystyrene.

Any inappropriate packaging may result in damages to the product during transportation and loss of warranty.

When receiving the products sent by the buyer for warranty, the seller should check the conformity of packaging accompanying the products, by taking photos both of the packaging and of the products sent, whose conformity is requested.


Terms for remedying faults during warranty:

The conformity shall be ensured within the following terms:

  • 1. For natural persons, the remedying term is 15 days;
  • 2. For legal persons, the remedying term is 30-60 days;

Repairs during the post warranty period may last between 15 and 90 days

The terms elapse from the date when the faulty Product is received in service, implicitly when the documentation for warranty is received. The warranty period is extended by the period during which the product was in the service entity, except for unjustified requests for being granted warranty.

Resuming conformity may be carried out by:

  • • remedying or repairing the product;
  • • partial or full replacement of the product (with the manufacturer’s agreement);
  • • replacement with products with performances at least similar to the product that may not be repaired (with the manufacturer’s agreement);
  • • returning the equivalent value of the product (with the manufacturer’s agreement), should repair and replacement be impossible


Lien and settlement of property title

After remedy, repair, upon the communication of the impossibility of repair, or in the event of an unjustified request for warranty, for the products delivered to the GBC service center, which would not be collected within the term communicated by our operators, storage fees are to be charged, the updated prices being available on the website helpdesk.gbc.ro

After 90 days elapse from the date of communication of the possibility of collection of the relevant products, during which the buyer fails to perform any action to take possession of them, such products shall be considered abandoned goods and declared abandoned, the company GBC EXIM SRK (the seller/service) acquiring the property title to the relevant goods, according to art. 562, Civil Code.



Potential disputes arising in connection to any issue related to the purchase and good operation of the products sold by our company shall be settled amicably, and, should such settlement be impossible, they shall be settled before the Romanian courts of law with jurisdiction.

last revision: 25 May 2019