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Because we understand and we are aware of the needs and problems the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) deal with in the acquisition process of the equipments that are vital for day-to-day activities, GBC Exim, in partnership with Grenke Romania, offers you a reliable and safe way of financing through the rental procedure of these equipments.

Grenke represents a a Germany-based leasing company, providing also rental services and financing equipments by European standards, maintaining a high quality in its activity since 1978.

The equipment rental is a financial strategy through which one can protect the company’s stock, without periodically blocking large investment amounts in acquisitions that can endanger or influence the way of the activities. Another beneficial aspect, which is an option available in the rental contract, is the possibility of planning investments in new equipments, being known the fact that tehnology is in a state of continuous evolution and that the equipments turn non-performing after a period of time. The financing solution allows keeping the liquidities, the plannings and the permanent economic perspectives in the benefit of the activity that you are unfolding.

The eligible clients for the financing are authorized legal and physical persons. The financing system implies zero deposit when clenching a contract, constant rentals in Euro and advance payment rates for the next quarter. The administration commission is unique by contract. The rented equipment must be insured, either by an insurer whom you already work with, either you can include an insurance policy in the rental contract.

In order to initiate the procedure, file in the rental form available here, attach the scanned necessary documentation for further analysis and send it to info@gbc.ro

After the completion of the financial analysis, you will receive an answer in a maximum of 24 hours, the equipments being available for order/deliver after signing the contract.

In case you have any questions or need further information, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact section.




0% deposit

Accessible amounts per contract

(min. 500 Euro + VAT)

Integral deductible invoices

Fixed rates (quarterly)

Minimal documentation

Fast financing


Juridical persons

Registered Sole Traders

18-60 months base contract