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Based on our crew's professional  international experience, all the best practices and the needed expertise to design, provide, implement and offer support, the corporate services from GBC aims to sustain our partners in delivering the best solutions for any end user.

Collaboration in business to business actions is the key part of our national and international development strategy, therefore, every project made by GBC is not only the result of a wide range of fully adapted and integrated services for corporate clients, but the warranty of professionalism and responsibility regarding our portfolio and integrated solutions. 

Specialized consultancy

In accomplishing our solution, we support our client’s projects by offering all the technical consultancy in defining the specification files. Adapted to any field of activity, general conditions, functional and infrastructure needs, our service will ensure complete, functional files according to any local law regulations.

The entire experience of our professional team relies on understanding the technical capabilities of the solutions we provide, transforming them into specific requirements for any successful project.

Financial and technical equitability                                                                                 

All the offered professional solutions ensures us both a top position in the AV equipment industry, and an important presence in many of the local and Eastern Europe markets. GBC’s entire activity ensures an equitable price, while our services are designed this throughout any project and transaction.

Transparency is the main responsibility concerning our business, and, by participating to different events organized together with our represented partners, you will be able to take advantage of full-service support and significant discounts.

Effective integration of expertise

For complete solutions, professionally implemented, we ensure adequate technical support in situations where end users need an integrated and efficient use of AV, AT&C and Security equipment to different situations or preset cases.

We bet both on collaboration, and completing all the services offered by our partners. At a national level, we assist all authorized GBC dealers regarding designing, providing, maintaining and service support for our devices (including structured cabling and low voltage power systems).

Focused on delivering key-end solutions for your clients, our company can operate in association, contracting or turnkey outsourcing mode. Using our industry know-how, we afford a constant development process that can go from arranging conference/course rooms, to maintain facilities for business and educational activities.